Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sunday, May 8, 2011

We love Rilakkuma too ~~ Ah~~ kyou wa mina daradra groron hahaha

Hello ^^... Do you know about Rilakkuma ??
the Relax bear (kuma) from Japan <3
if not maybe just click this link and gives u idea about this cute bear 

So is it cute ryt hahaha <3 ,,, and so we are we think rilakkuma is cute and adorable.
this is why i loves to collect stuffs with rilakkuma on it <3

which also we try some collection have rilakkuma on it 
Check it out <3


Website for honeybunnykisses??!!

Hello every one from know on i'll post something interesting idea from our products and also some general thing than happens in our shop life hahaha...

The Blog post will have 2 people publish it. Me (honey) and my friend (bunny)..

Last night we just released our latest Collection -> which is collect 12.. together with our new Website .... just click the image below ^^to go our website..

What do you think about the website ??
we have tried our best to do it haha,, cuz as you all know we don't have any background and knowledge about how to make website ...
i guess from now we dont publish any collection in blog any more,,,(is that good idea? cuz sometime i feel tired and miss some items when i looked the blog T_T)

So hope you will enjoy our new website , we made it as we think with that website shopping hopefully can be easier for you and us too


Friday, April 1, 2011

Last year The Korean black mug xD

Hi heloooo lol xD

Long time i've not posted anything... we are currently busy with study and work x3 ...hope u all good 

here im digging out my old photos and just wanna share .. last year ma friend bday...
cuz i'm a hopeless person if i have to give gift to a friend but a boy,,, LOL
so i just decided to make this thing simple and hand made kkk 

THe glass with the message hahah.. so i didn't need extra card to write

 ooww that my friend's name.....

i drew him hahahah.....looks like tomato LOL

hahhaa,,, need learn more to choose gift for people....
sometime i'm really confuse what i should do for my friends

Honey <3


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bday Gift for My Bonita friend ^^

Hi there
im Honey Here,, Today i just want to post one of the Gift idea for my friend with

So here is it ... the J015

The black background for the photo album polaroid ^^... simple and nice
maybe sometime e?! what is this for ?? just black paper folding together but....

side A

Side B

With your creativity the black paper also can change to happy picture album ^^....
the special pencil for black paper is required to made this mini photo album..(oopssh!! sorryy there are my legs there hahaha) ....
the picture too u can decorate somthing as i was using Polaroid decorative pen K009
to decor my picture to become more lively and funny also cute <3

for the warping i used my plain brown paper ...

However i put stamp on it with happybday as the shape ...
This one of the stamps from happy life stamps box sets i018
this stamps always makes my diary and everthing plain to awesome!! hahaha
and i made the shape of stamps spiral and almost love unfortunately i forgot to take the picture T_T....

Lastly i put the kawaii tape one of the product from previous collection.. but have been sold out..

Here acctually i made this one because suddenly my friend who had the birthday suddenly change her flight earlier that i expected hahahah... so i was really shocked (>.<);
but luckily i think fast and made some special gift for my special friend ....
Happy BdaY vane!!!

Hope this help you get an idea for your friends and someone who you love ^^...


Friday, December 31, 2010

collection 009

Interest with our Items just email us at
all items free shipping within Australia